ID: Impossible Heists

4 Jan

As i mentioned in a previous post HERE that i like to watch ID: Investigation Discovery as am sooo into those crime and investigation shows. So the other day i was flipping through the channels (which happens rarely) i came cross a show that caught my attention. The show is called Impossible Heists and here’s a brief:

“Ambitious, dramatic and compelling, Impossible Heists is the series that re-creates the exact conditions of history’s greatest failed robberies. We pit two teams against each other with the task of succeeding where the original criminals failed.
Ranging from the Bellagio Vegas robbery to the Brinks Inc job, these heists are packed with drama and jeopardy. Can they pull off the some of the most difficult and complex robberies the world has ever seen? “

The show was very entertaining (atleast for me) and it seems that it has been on for so long but i just heard about it. Check it out if you are interested :)


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