Movie Review: Catfish

20 Jan

I have been trying to download this movie for at least 3 months now, finally was able to and watched it straight away. I was curious to watch it as i found it out that it has a surprising ending. This is not just any movie, this is a documentary.

This documentary is about a guy (Nev) who is a photographer living with his brother and his friend. Nev was contacted by an eight years old girl (Abby) to have the permission to draw one of his photos which he agreed on. After a while, Nev receives the painting which he loved and that’s how the friendship started through Facebook.

Not only Nev was contacting Abby, but he got closer to the whole family (mother, father, brothers, sisters, cousins, etc…) they were all on Facebook, and everyone showed the appreciation for supporting Abby’s art.

After building this relationship, Nev starts to notice how attractive and sweet her sister is (Megan) from her pictures on Facebook. They start a sort of relationship but no one knows where it’s going, they just know that there is mutual attraction.

After a while Nev starts to notice weird things that raise alot of questions, he take a step forward to find out the truth about this family. What’s gonna happen? Will..I don’t wana ruin it for you.

All i can say is that i had to watch this movie and am not sorry that i did, it’s different, interesting, and weird! But i liked it!

Rating: 7.5/10

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