~one of those days: let down~

20 Jan

i know it was meant to be my week of positivity, and i’m still trying to be positive a much as i can be…

but i have been let down by some people close to me, who have beyond any thing i could expect, hit me out the blue!

i lie, it was within my realm of expectation, but expecting someone to be able to do that was not what i expected, when u put all ur faith in someone, only to realise they weren’t worthy, is hard! and i met a few of those people and now i’m just kinda in shock!

i’m trying to make heads or tails of things, although i can’t figure out which way either goes.

but on the plus side, my portfolio is due in next week.. but bad news – have a lot a lot a lot a lot to do for it! so what does one do in a situation like this? procrastinate some more.

last couple of days i haven’t been feeling well either, i have had a hard time getting out of bed, and anyone that knows me how unlike me that is! so, what does one do on days like this? find a baby neice and squish her :D

how was everyone’s week?

i know i’ve been missing i action ;p

but i kinda told u my sob story… din’t iiii??? ;p kinda ;p

this week has kinda slowed down my new years’ resolution commencement

so i’m gonna get on it in full force asap!!!

spank ya later ;p


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