Movie Review: Switch + Shmucks + Dogs

31 Jan

For the past couple of weeks i got to watch some movies, i was very distracted so i would say i have enjoyed them much, but they are still good to mention. I’m reviewing them all together because they are all in the same category and level, so yeah enjoy :P

The Switch was my first, and because Jennifer Aniston is in it, so i kinda had to see it, just like all the movies that have Sandra bullock in them :P So the story is about Jennifer & Jason being best friends for a long time, and as both are getting older, Jennifer has decided to get pregnant using artificial insemination but Jason doesn’t like the idea! Things happen at the insemination party (i don’t wana spoil it for you) that leads to alot events. I personally thought the movie would be funnier and more entertaining, but it wasn’t as i expected.

Rating: 6.5/10

Old Dogs was kinda more fun to watch, but with alot of kids around in the movie made it more as a family movie. The story is about John and Robin being best friends and business partners for a long time, however both have different personalities. They are about to close a very huge business contract, but that’s when Robin finds himself married with 2 kids. The whole story is about how they will manage between the kids and the business. I personally liked John & Robin teaming up together, but somehow it felt so much like Mrs. Doubtfire.

Rating: 7/10

This one was definitely the best out of them all. I’m starting to like all of Steve Carell’s movies and his sense of humor. Last movie i have watched for him was Date Night which i loved!! The story is about Paul trying to gain his boss’s attention and getting raised for a higher level in his company and the disappointment. The day he was so close to getting what he wanted, his boss gives him the hardest task which causes him fighting with his girlfriend that he has been trying to get married to for a long time. As Steve is supposed to be the key to success for Paul, he ends up giving him his worst nightmare.

Rating: 8/10


2 Responses to “Movie Review: Switch + Shmucks + Dogs”

  1. noon January 31, 2011 at 1:09 pm #

    i hated the switch , it was boring to me
    i loved loved old dogs , it was hilarious specially the zoo part! and i definately loved dinner with schmucks haha , they both rocked it !
    and my god steve carells face is hilarious !! LOOOL


    • Moody Pants January 31, 2011 at 1:36 pm #

      heheh i knowwww right? specially with those teeth


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