Event: Zain @ Infoconnect

1 Feb

So everyone was excited about Infoconnect happening as everyone is always looking for good promotions when it comes to electronics and connections, and as am a big fan of all of that, i thought i should give it a shot and visit the place. It was VERY crowded since i got to the parking which made me feel iffy about the whole thing, but i was like, well am here anyway so i shouldn’t just back off right now.

I parked and walked and found myself near hall 7, and that happened to be almost all for Zain. I was surprised of how many booths Zain has, am not sure if this is the case all the time, but it was surprising for me.

The problem is  it was windy outside and everyone was wearing winter clothes, and once you go in, it’s so humid and hot with all the people around :S it was extremely annoying for me, but thank god that hall was a small one.

I roamed around and ended up at Zain social media booth, they had a competition running for kids were they face paint them with Zain and Kuwait flag and take a picture for them and then upload it online, the picture that gets the highest likes win a prize, for more info checkout their Facebook page HERE. If i wasn’t a kid i would have participated to win that Wii :P good job Zain! They have been very active online lately!

Zain also had a stage with lots of games goin and prizes, i think that’s a cool thing to do, don’t you think?

And guess what, no i didn’t get to see all the other halls, it was just too hot and i couldn’t stand all the crowd, so i left and probably missed on alot of promotions, but do i care? nop :P

One Response to “Event: Zain @ Infoconnect”

  1. Haydar February 1, 2011 at 9:52 am #

    Well, I think neither infoconnect was not any successful, nor Zain’s showroom, Like you mentioned, it was really annoying, and not organized well, and above all, It was more like a retail shop, companies brought their stores, and sat it up there.


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