~i am super woman~

8 Feb

welll helllooo

update on my day.. i slept two hours last night, i slept at 5:30 am – before i slept i worked on my portfolio a lot! and then i cooked something for dinner tonight at 1 am last night!!! its like these kebabs of sort!! ;p

and thenn… i cleaned the living room cuz the mess was irritating me!!!

this morning i woke up a 7:30 – made a cake, cleaned up the kitchen :D

went to my fashion class!!

(although i did forget to eat breakfast!! GRRRR)

andd thenn i worked on my portfolio, i looked after my neice, i helped mum in the kitchen!

baked cookies!

and then i fried my kebabs from yest for dinner!

and helped serve dinner

and cleared up dinner

and looked after my neice again.. (she’s only 5 months)

and now i’m sitting down and writing with a cup of tea!!

i’m exhausted

do u agreee?

am i super woman??? ;p

how is ur dayyy???


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