More Fun With Zain

24 Feb

Zain keeps on making new promotions since February started which is amazing !! The idea of changing my line from Wataniya to Zain keeps crossing my mind but the problem is that i dont wana lose my number that i love!


One Response to “More Fun With Zain”

  1. 79ai9 February 25, 2011 at 8:08 am #

    ee i know what u mean! sometimes i wish our iti9alat would learn from europe (not that there’s is better) bas they have a thing ina the number is a number which u can switch to any sharika.. ya3ni itha u like zain’s package all u do is cancel the first and register it under zain :) zain has also been very creative this feb cz of all the celebrations going on :D happy national day to all! X


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