Event: Abracadabra Show

1 Mar

Zain was very sweet to give us 2 tickets to go see the Abracadabra show last week. I had so many things to do but i managed to be there and see what’s everyone and the media been talking about. So i would like to take this opportunity to thank Zain for their sweet gift, you guys are cool :D next time when you wana give us something make sure Cheeky is in town ;)

About the show? well am not sure what i should say, it was fun for like 30 minutes or less, after that it got boring, it felt like am in a kids show, everything they have done i have seen it million times before on TV, so i believe this show and the advertising for it was sooooo overrated, I cant believe the tickets prices were that much for this kind of show! What i enjoyed was the lights and the music thats all :P


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