Just a Random Update

15 Mar

It’s been a while since i sat down to write some personal shit that’s been happening in my life or work. Last time i checked was when i was suffering from the wisdom tooth extraction, thank god that’s over now, after along 10 days of suffering, though it still needs time to fully recover. Now that 2 are gone, am thinking whether it’s necessary to take the 3rd anytime soon?!

On a more personal level, I miss Cheeky and the stupid things we used to do! I miss our lazy and moody morning when we barely talk and just enjoy a cup of coffee (tea in cheeky’s case) with a cigarette or two at the stairs. I miss sharing this blog with her and get all excited when something happens. Mostly i miss hitting her on the head and kill what’s left of her very few brain cells.

On the other hand, work is doing fine i guess, me and my team are getting a lot of shit to do lately, and am not sure whether that’s good or bad, cuz we don’t see anything improving. Yes am still looking for a better job, cuz i believe that i deserve one, and that it has been unbelievably unfair and am staying here cuz i can’t find anything better, and NO i don’t wana quit and sit at home, that’s just something only losers would do.

You all know how every now and then a new character at work starts showing his annoying skills that makes me hate my life! If you don’t, you can check the unforgettable stories of the Call Center guy and the humming creature. Well lately a new character came into the picture, he’s one of the cleaning guys that come to water the grass outside the building. I don’t really know what he does exactly or who he works for, but he’s very old, and very CREEPY! He’s dark skinned with very scary looks! It happen that i bummed into him a couple of times, and i always look back in a serious way so he would stop, and he doesn’t!! I know that he’s old and 7aram, but if i see him looking at me again am gonna tell one of the guys to have a word with him, it’s getting annoying :S

If you remember also i have mentioned months ago that am gonna start dieting and eating healthy to reach my target of having a flat tummy on my birthday (May)? Well that turned out to be the greatest decision i have ever made. I feel much lighter, i have been losing weight (not gonna say how much until i reach the number that i want) since January, and i believe this is gonna be my new life style, not just a diet that i would stop one day.

So how you doin? ;)


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