~Day 1 – sugarfree~

16 Mar

as some of u may know, i’ve decided to go sugar free for two weeks (read about the decision here)

i’ve had a migraine for the last 3 days, but today, well.. i’m constantly hungry, even after i just eat, i’m still hungry.

i’m wondering if its cause i haven’t eaten any sugar, and perhaps i have had some kinda addiction and not realised? the past 4 weeks, i have probably eaten more sugary things, chocolates, and everything, than i have beyond.

inbetween i started working out and could justify it to myself, but recently, my migraines have just gone from bad to worse, so i’m trying to take it easy and not take so many pills.

i have had soo many fruits today, to stop feeling hungry and to have some natural goodness in my body instead of chocolate.

but somehow, i’m still hungry, i’m having lots of bread and stuff (more than usual) just so my body gets a little happier.. if i’m still hungry in a bit i’m gonna have some yoghurt and pineapple.. or some cereal (kashi go lean, which initially tastes not that yummy, but it grows on u)..

so that’s that… migraine is a bit worse than past days.. and mama’s made some baklava which i’ve resisted (altho i wanted to try it cause she made it for first time ever).. and there’s a big bowl of chocolates infront of me.. and biscuits.. i’m not tempted to be honest.. it was just mindless eating and picking at food.. that seems to have turned me desperate for sugar..

wish me luck u guys ;p



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