~day 2 – sugarfree~

17 Mar

today i’m cooking biriyani :D i’m soooo excittedddd!!! i love cooking and biriyani is an extended dish to cook.. and its just a lot of fun! so what’s everyone elses plan for the day? ;p

last night.. i was hungry till night and kept munching on nuts, staring at some baklava infront of me at night got a bit bothersome! I get really bad munchies at night!!!!!

today so far i’m doing great! i had a banana and laban for breakfast.. and a little while later had some nuts..

for lunch i had a pesto and cheese grilled sandwich.. and a very light tomato soup…

2 hours after that i had a snack of some dates and some almonds..

and i’m having green tea to keep me full…

my migraine is milder than last night

but not completely gone!!

dinner will be minced meat and some bread and some salad (i think) maybe i’ll have some edemame.. mmmmm

i got some sugar-free peanut butter…

maybe that can be a snack on a cracker!! :D

i hope i can stick this out!!



2 Responses to “~day 2 – sugarfree~”

  1. noon March 17, 2011 at 4:11 pm #

    pestooo, i love casper and gambini pesto pasta, its very delicious !


    • cheeky knickers March 17, 2011 at 6:37 pm #

      hehehe just buy sacla pesto
      and get some medium cheddar
      and put it in a sandwich (preferably sour dough)!
      grill it!
      and if u don’t love me after that ;p
      i’ll take u out for a casper and gambini pasta when i’m back ;p


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