~finalllyy!!! weeekendd!!!~

18 Mar

woooo hooooo!!!!!

last week was such a long week, i’m soooo glad its finally over ;p

i’ve had something every morning, but boring stufff!!!!! ;p so its been tiring!! ;p

guess what!!! i stitched my first skirt in my fashion internship, a pencil skirt  :D we all did it according to one size, so i dunno if it will fit me ;p but i am sooo soooo excited :D

i miss my friends, i miss moody. last time she wrote, she mentioned our crazy outings – moody made being at work bearable! we used to go for breakfast and coffee early in the morning, we’d randomly see each other cruising if we were early! we’d escape to go have lunches or run random errands! the good old days!

i really wish some of my friends could move here with me, life would be perfect then!

and ofcourse, i need to stop being lazy and apply for some jobs ;p

i miss my crazy weekends in kuwait..

they’re a lot more relaxed here ;p (except last weekend)

but yea.. i’m bonding a lot with my neice – wouldn’t trade that!


i miss kuwait.


2 Responses to “~finalllyy!!! weeekendd!!!~”

  1. 79ai9 March 18, 2011 at 12:06 pm #

    hi cheeky!! how r u? life here in bahrain has been crazy in a horrible way :p oohh congrats on ur skirt hehe did it fit? :D when will u ever go back to kuwait?don’t u have short breaks or something? u need to re-energise urself so might as well just plan a surprise trip back home next weekend ;) believe me a day or 2 would certainly lift ur spirits up ;) take care and try to enjoy X


    • cheeky knickers March 18, 2011 at 5:16 pm #

      hehehe still not tried it.. the material is just material tht u can try it on, so i won’t be too upset tht it doesn’t fit ;p
      i’m soooo sad abt bahrain.. its a really lovely place and a lot of my great friends live there!
      inshallah it will sort itself out very soon!
      yeaaa i need to go back to kuwait
      i was planning to go this week but something came up..
      maybe a bit later..
      nice to hear from uuuu


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