TV: Spartacus – Gods of the Arena

20 Mar

I have written before about Spartacus – Blood and Sand and how i was surprised to fall in love with it HERE, and now that the prequel is over, i have to mention something about it.

Am not sure whether i was just too excited to watch it or it was actually really good! Maybe cuz it explained everyone’s story and how they ended up where they are, but i definitely liked it, maybe abit more than the first season! Also the focus is on a new star (Gannicus) who is hotter than Spartacus himself :P

This time the story is about the history of the House of Batiatus and how they struggle to get to be part of the games in the new arena. The main focus is on Gannicus, who is at that time the champion of Capua, and the story of Crixus and how he ended up in that house.  Sadly it was only six episodes, now i can’t wait for season 2 :( does anyone know what’s going on? Are they showing that anytime soon, will they change the actor? I think somehow Gannicus will come back, what do you think?

Enjoy the trailer if you havnt watched it yet :)


One Response to “TV: Spartacus – Gods of the Arena”

  1. noon March 20, 2011 at 11:37 am #

    how come we dont see men like this around here ?


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