~day 6 – sugarfree~

21 Mar

i’ve been eating sooo many datesss and and nuts.. and i’m a bit worried abt my calorie intake… so from tomorrow i’m only allowed 15 almonds in a day, and 2 dates a day (they are big)!!!

apart from that.. i’ve had a really good day!! had lots of veg for lunch.. and soup etc! and some wholewheat bread.. and a rye bun and peanut butter (sugar free for dinner).. its just the dates etc that i’m having too much of.. so i’ll cut down.. once i said i will not have any more sugar, i have not been that tempted to eat the bowl of chocolates infront of me..

my headaches and migraine’s have completely disappeared… and i think cuz i’m eating a lot less refined foods.. my bellly feels flatter.. (i could be imagining it but who knows ;p)

i can’t believe it’ll be a week tomorrow – i thought i’d be craving sugar like crazy and a week would come by a lonnggg time after.. but its really not that hard!

from tomorrow i want to start going for a walk for an hour.. just to get some fresh air – and relax with some good music!!!


2 Responses to “~day 6 – sugarfree~”

  1. Kuweight 64 March 22, 2011 at 10:16 am #

    Hey…that’s wonderful progress and achievement on your part! It now makes me certain that when we truly want something good for ourselves, its not hard to achieve. Its just the thinking that makes it so. I love the combination of dates and cashewnuts or dates and almonds. Ever since I started my diet, I just have two dates a day and 2 cashewnuts and 2 almonds! LOL…I am happy! and my mind is on a vacation from Chocolates. We used to be inseparable! LOL…


    • cheeky knickers March 22, 2011 at 10:55 am #

      i never used to have tht sort of relationship with chocolates anymore.. just one small one or two a day max..
      but then it got out of control.. about 1500 calories is tooo much..
      i’m still overdosing on dates… so i need to cut down…
      nuts are good for us :D but calorific :'(
      ;p hehehe i’m gonna have dates and nuts like a dessert after lunch etc :D
      thanks for ur support
      i really appreciate it
      and i can’t wait to read abt ur next weigh in
      goood luck ;*


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