~one of those days: long day~

23 Mar

its been such a long dayyy!!

i’ve been feeling a bit under the weather and had soooooo much to do!!!! i’m exhausteeeddd!!!

and the day’s not over yet! i have a couple of more hours of something or the other to do!! i don’t expect to get to sleep before 2-3 am! and have an 8 am start!! so waking up atleast at 7! and its a crazy day tomorrow too!!!

the only thing worse than being toooo busy.. is not being busy at alll!!!!! i hate thatt!!! can’t handle it and start going a little looopy ;p

so better than the loopyness is the not having time to think.. me thinks ;p

tee hee hee! get it – no time to think.. while i’m still thinking… get it get it?

ok i know i’m weird with an odd sense of humour! so shush ;p

over and out!

wishing u all a good night… while i work hard!

no no.. no need to feel bad

i’ll just cry here while u rest ;p

heheh mwahhhhh ;*


2 Responses to “~one of those days: long day~”

  1. 79ai9 March 24, 2011 at 6:09 am #

    heheehe cheeky that “so shush” is so me :p my friends know its coming to them before i hv time to say it hehehe and ur humor is nice-to me everyday is a long dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! bas thursday nights r great cz i get to wear my worn out night (that im married to-i just cant seem to throw it away i’ve had for ummm more than a decade :S) hehehehe cz i can sleep in bacher YAAAY! im already looking forward to that min al7een :) oh well u enjoy ur day and take it from me its better to busy ourselves than just plop on the couch and “think” of lame stuff…and glad u r feeling better X


    • cheeky knickers March 24, 2011 at 3:13 pm #

      LOOOLLL ;p
      we seems kinda similarrr ;p
      I totally agree with u!! and ur comments always make me smile!
      thank you :D


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