Event: April Fool’s Day

31 Mar

As you all know, and may some of you forgot, tomorrow is the 1st of April, which means its April fool’s Day! It’s the day where everyone starts acting smart and stupid at the same time! How? Well everyone is trying to be smart and pull a joke on someone, and look stupid when someone pulls it on them, so it’s basically give and take kinda event :P

Personally, i have pulled many practical jokes before on friends and relatives; don’t remember anything special, but they work most of the times. It’s not like am a big fan of practical jokes, but i do appreciate some of stupidity once in a while, as long as it doesn’t cost me a heart attack. My bestie yayo HATES practical jokes, anything that can make her feel serious, scared or worried, she actually gave me a hard time more than once when i was trying to joke with her or scare her, so i stopped (party pooper :P)

So will i do anything tomorrow? Maybe! Will i be fooled? Maybe! But am definitely not looking forward to all these forwards and broadcasts saying bullshit, am not looking forward to newspapers announcing false news, and definitely not looking forward to all the bloggers who will announce closing their blog tomorrow! It got old guys, be creative if you must do something, but we all see that coming don’t we?

Now share your best practical joke you have pulled or were pulled on you! Let’s share the laugh :D

2 Responses to “Event: April Fool’s Day”

  1. 79ai9 March 31, 2011 at 4:28 pm #

    moody! ma9adig hehe im the april fool’s queen (except not the fool :p) i LOVE pulling pranks and should hv a full wall stacked up with oscars by now hehe-i pull off a prank every year :D but this year’s started today..i actually bought a rihanna hairstyle wig and took a pic of myself and posted it on my blackberry display pic lol mat9awerain ilcomments o ili itdeq o itgooli shloon ma shloon(cz i’m NOT a short hair person-love long but not too long hair) anyway banage3hum lay bukra and simply change my display pic with a pic of the wig and say APRIL FOOLS :D heheh 6ab3an ma ra7 ared 3ala a7ad when they call hehehe i honestly cant wait :D


    • Moody Pants April 1, 2011 at 9:08 am #

      LOL! hey rihanna, looking good :P
      please let me know how it ends up with you, update us :D


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