~day 28: sugarfree~

12 Apr

its been a long time since i last posted about my sugarfreeness!! but the fact i made it this far is so shocking for me…

i get no cravings for sugary things… i find i eat more.. and generally healthier.. and my skin in the last 5 days has started really improving.. i dunno if its cuz of the new moisturiser i started using about 10-12 days ago.. or because of the sugarfreeness…

i love fruits.. always have and always will.. nothing will make me give em up ;p

i also find it easy to resist sugar now…

i’m thinking of having a day of indulgances tomorrow.. croissant.. carrot cake… but i dunno if that’s undoing all my hard work… but once a month sugar binge should be okay no? ;p

what do u guys think..

i shoulda weighed myself.. but i keep having to go to gym to do that.. and i don’t think there have been any changes in my weight as such! but i’ll try to go down and weigh myself.. just to get an idea.. :D

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