Oldies: Nirvana

17 Apr

To all of you rock lovers…

Nirvana is a rock band that started in the 80s, they had a very rough ride until they made in mostly in the 90s. Nirvana definitely was one of those “different” rock bands with different type of music, however, the sad thing is that they got more famous and sold many records after the death of their lead singer Kurt Cobain.

I personally probably started listening to their music in the late 90s when i actually started to understand the lyrics, you can tell by the lyrics that sad side of Kurt and wonder why he killed himself. I mean he had the money, the fame, the wife and the kid!

There are a lot of theories behind his death, but the most reasonable one would be that he couldn’t handle fame very well. He was suffering from a drug addiction, going to rehab many times and escaping, and ending up killing himself with by shooting himself in the head. He was definitely suffering, depressed and not in his right mind.

But looking at the bright side, they left us with some great music, music that gives me a great feeling once i hear the beat of it, here are a few…enjoy:


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