Event: RedBull Car Park Drift

25 Apr

First i apologize for the delay on this post, so many things been going on through the weekend and i believe everything will get sorted out this week inshallah. And as i mentioned before, i was invited by The Side Talker to attend the Red Bull Car Park event that took place in Kuwait Fair Ground parking lot. The weather was definitely bad and sucked part of the fun out of the event, but it was cool to attend such event for the first time. 

Let me start by saying that the event was FULL of bloggers :P and while you are meeting people and saying hi to them, a sand wave comes to your face and make you blind for 2 minutes, yep that’s what was happening lol.

The event started by everyone doing a try out and based on that, the judges decided whose in and whose not. Alot of the participants obviously got the whole idea of DRIFTING the wrong way, so let’s not talk about that, but there were definitely some talented good drifters.

The show lasted for 2 hours and some gave a really good show for us. What i didn’t like is the viewing area, the VIPs were closer in a closed area, however everyone else was surrounding the fence. I know this is not Red Bull’s fault cuz obviously we don’t have a special place to hold an event like that, but i really wish there was a good seating area.

The winner was Salah Bin Eidan who definitely knew what to do to earn these points, good job!


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