~day 2: carb free~

26 Apr

okay today was a tough day! i think it was to do with the fact that i was really tired from class.. and since i can’t sleep in afternoons.. i just lazed on my couch.. with tv on.. reading a few articles etc!! and just kept getting hungry!

well today i was just so hungrryyy! i think my problem is that i don’t eat enough meat and try to have stuff like dairy.. nuts and a few fruits to keep my going.. till dinner i didn’t eat a proper meal.. and at dinner i was starving..

i had a lot of nuts and peanut butter today.. need to cut down on those…

i had about 3 tablespoons of peanut butter after dinner.. and washed it down with green tea

and well.. now i feeel so full!!

i think from tomorrow my plan of action will be diff.. i’ll keep myself busy so i don’t get hungry that much.. and since my best friend is coming tomorrow.. i’ll just have to make sure i eat healthy and because i’ll be busy i won’t think of food that much.. i hope. ;p

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