~human choices~

5 May

choices are funny for human beings..

we’re faced with choices from the most minor thing to the most ridiculous thing.. what to wear.. what to eat.. whether to buy that handbang.. whether to go to the gym.. whether to say something when bothered.. whether to apologise..

my problem is.. when people say live like its ur last day.. are u supposed to let loose of all inhibitions.. all sensible things? or are u supposed to look at life from a bigger perspective.. maybe the week? maybe the month.. and if u have high aims.. maybe even the year…

recently i was thinking a person should have weekly goals.. isn’t that better? like go to gym 3 times this week.. have dessert only once.. be nicer to the person u were a bit harsh with last week.. wouldn’t that be more successful than trying to organise your whole year? and make huge plans that u seem to forget..?

i don’t know.. i just don’t know.. i know i’m not very good at staying focused.. but what’s the best way to get me more focused..

sorry for my random rambling..


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