~finding direction~

10 May

so my last fashion class is tomorrow! (technically today!) i can decide whether to extend for another 6 months.. or the other options available are whether to do a masters or to actually get a job!

i’m thinking i want to give this fashion thing a break for a while! my fingers are far tooo damaged! (from the needles) and if u want to get far in fashion.. u don’t necessarily need to spend ooodles of time learning how to stitch and stuff… its preferable… but i’m really not motivated to prick myself more with a needle! i’m constantly making mistakes! and well! let’s see!

getting a job.. i need to figure out what i want to do.. and figure out whether someone in that field would give me a job without experience in the said field! beyond that… the sort of things i would be interested in is fashion magazines (journalism) and advertising etc.. let’s see where these ideas go!

next option masters… prolly here in dubai.. what sort of stuff? mba? journalism? marketing etc…

i just need to find direction in life! its tough for me! i’m so confuseed!


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