~cheeky is in the hooood~

16 May

get ittt????? HAHAHAH in the hoood! as in the hood of the hoodie ;p OR IN KUWAIIITTTTT!!! yes i am in kuwait for a brief period!! i am so happy i’m gonna explode!!! ;p

so today my day was filled with going to my favourite manicure – pedicure place! and doing that with a friend! the starbucks for my dose of coffee and some chilling!! and then and then ;p GAUUUCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO with another friend

unfortunately moody was busyyy – but i am spending the day with her tomorrow inshallah! make that a fun filled day!!!!

i’m sooo exhausted i just want to sleep now ;p

but just gonna chill for a bit till i completely pass out :D can’t wait to see moody and another one of my lovely frienddss!! wooooo hoooo *dances*


One Response to “~cheeky is in the hooood~”

  1. 79ai9 May 17, 2011 at 6:19 am #

    Gauchoooo? as the gaoucho grill? :'”””( aahhh memories ;) *sigh* enjoy :D


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