Bye Bye Cheeky

25 May

Today Cheeky went back to Dubai after only a week of being in Kuwait :( she promised that she will stay for 2 to 3 weeks but she broke her promise :( however, she might be coming back in July so she better do that when am in the country!

I had a great fun with her, we were hanging out with another friend and it was fun :D here’s the highlight of her visit:

  1. We took a day off from work and we had our morning coffee at Starbucks jabreya (the new one) then headed to Sahara (my new favorite place) where we swam and spend a good afternoon there. After that we headed to 360 cuz we were starving and had a juicy meal at OFK. It was my first time there, I wasn’t very impressed with the food like everyone said, but it’s a nice place, and I think I should go with someone who really knows the menu and can suggest what to order :P
  2. Our second hangout we went for Japanese food at Tatami (wait for the review). I heard so much about the place and because we had to have Japanese so we thought why not try it! After that we had a gossiping hangout at Caribou Al Raya.
  3. Because she was leaving too early *mean look* one morning we decided to have a very early breakfast before work, so we headed to our favorite breakfast place P&T where they had some of their amazing omelet and I had a bagel.
  4. I finally had the chance to get my hands on Cheeky’s iPad. The fact that she wasn’t using it was killing me, so I jail broke it, put some cool stuff for her and surprisingly she asked for the iKout app!! It turned out that Cheeky plays Kout!! lol

So yeah that’s about it, I hope she would come back soon for a LONGER time and we get to do  more, this time her schedule was very tight :P

Love youuuuu cheekyyyy ;***


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