I LOVE Casper & Gambini’s

6 Jun

It’s been one of those places that i love for a very long time, I just don’t know how come I haven’t posted about it before!

The love for C&G started when i first started working, which is like 4 years ago, we used to order a lot of sandwiches and salads, and it was the perfect breakfast or lunch too. Then the love became bigger when i was introduced to their branch next to the church in Kuwait city. I just loved the place, and yes that was before they actually start the whole first ring road construction and ruin the whole area.

So why do i like the place? Well its quiet most of the times, everyone is minding their own business. They have comfy couches where you can sit and relax. It’s not a smoking free place, so again…comfortable :P and ofcourse the food, which i won’t talk about much so i can stay fair.

So a couple of days ago i managed to sneak out of work and head to C&G, i met my friend there and both of us were starving. I ordered their original omelet with herbs, and my friend had the delicious pancakes, but don’t think i let anything slip away like that, we both shared so we can have a bit of everything :D

I have always liked their menus and the artistic paintings on the walls, but i never really noticed this one, it kinda made me wonder and it was a bit freaky! Why this guy looking behind the door like that! Creepy…


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