~the wonder years~

6 Jun

i was very young when I used to watch this show, but i just remember my brother and I used to watch it like it was a dose of some amazing drug! (assuming ofcourse that you “watched” a drug, or whatever, you get what I mean right?… riighhttt???)

yes i’m in one of those silly moods where i have conversations with myself and realise i’m making no sense but hope that someone out there is in the same mood as me and that i am making a little sense.. to someone if not everyone :D

but yea.. back to the matter on hand! i was just thinking of the show, and there’s a few episodes that i have memories of, and sometimes it just seems that its some memories that stick to your mind because they will be relevant sometimes.

the episode that comes to mind more often, is when Kevin (the main character) thinks that the mother (Norma) has lost the tax returns that her and the father (Jack) go through every month. But Kevin used to see Norma pray a lot, because he thought she was very worried that Jack would flip at Norma. It turned out that Norma was praying for the safe return of the astronauts that had gone on some mission or something.

I don’t know why that is the most vivid memory of that show.. who knows..

this is the start of a good episode just so u get a taste of what the show is like – watch it thru!


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