Get A Free Mobile With Wataniya Rewards

8 Jun

With Wataniya you can get a free mobile by redeeming your points, how this works? well all you have to do is become a reward member by subscribing for FREE on their web page HERE, then start earning points, for every KD 2 spent per month with your postpaid, prepaid or Wnet (personal lines only), you start earning points. Each KD you spend gives you up to 10 Reward points, the more points you earn the bigger rewards you can get and higher your member status reaches.

As a Wataniya Rewards member, you can now exchange your points for any of the following phones:

 – iPhone 4
 – HTC Desire S
 – BB Torch
 – BB Onyx (9780)

In addition to the promotion, all rewards have been discounted by 25%. This offer is valid until 24th of June.

Check it out HERE for more information. Follow their Facebook page, Twitter and the new blog for the latest info, events & promotions.


One Response to “Get A Free Mobile With Wataniya Rewards”

  1. Sheila lagunoy bibon October 17, 2011 at 2:15 pm #

    I want a free mobile how will i get that? What will i do to get a free mobile?


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