Review: Sakura Crowne Plaza

8 Jun

Sakura was always one of my favorite Japanese restaurants, actually I tried my first Japanese meal at Sakura like 5 years ago, and there I fell in love with their food. I just realized that I go there a lot and dig in into their yummy food but I never thought of making a review!! Maybe cuz it was too good to waste time taking pics? Well whatever the reason is, this time was the right time to do so.

There are so many branches around Kuwait for Sakura (They are opening one soon in 360), but I donno there’s always something about the one in Crowne Plaza, it feels like it’s the original one! So this weekend I and my bestie headed to Sakura Crowne Plaza to enjoy a heavenly meal.

Sakura has a weekend offer every Friday and Saturday, they have a lunch (12 to 3) open buffet where they serve many kinds of makis, soup, salads, tempura, sashimi, meat & chicken, and ofcourse dessert. You can eat as much as you want, just looking at the food will make you drool and your stomach growl.

We were welcomed by their friendly staff and took us to our favorite cabin (sorry if the pictures weren’t exactly like I wanted) whenever we go there it feels like a trip for us, a very yummy delicious trip :P So after settling down, we headed to the buffet and started filling up our plates, it’s just that everything looks good and you feel like you wana try everything, too bad my tummy doesn’t fit :(


The food was just awesome, I like how it’s not heavy or oily, we started with our favorite corn soup, followed by the best salmon & avocado salad you can ever have, and ofcourse the many different kinds of makis and sashimi’s. My besties filled her plate with the yummiest kinds (she knew what she was doing) and I was stealing from her plate the whole time, I just forget sometimes which one I like the best, but I believe the caramel maki was the greatest. I tried to leave a teeny tiny space for dessert cuz I saw Om Ali on the buffet and I didn’t regret that, it was just yummy, did I mention it’s my favorite Arabian dessert?

The staff saw us taking pictures so they were wondering if we were reporters or bloggers, so we introduced ourselves and we were welcomed by the restaurant manager Mr. Mohammad Iqram, and then we were visited by the lovely staff of Crowne Plaza. They were all nice to us and helpful, they made sure that we were FULL and HAPPY :D

For more information, you can check out their Facebook page and the Crowne Plaza website.


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