~golfing holiday!!!!~

9 Jun

well we seem to be going to a golfing resort in ras al khaimah (RAK as everyone calls it, which is also an Emirate in the UAE) and apparently has some great golfing resorts!

now i’ve always been of the belief that golf isn’t even a sport! but i’ve been coerced into having 3 hours of golfing lessons (oh joy)!

well i’m not very excited abt the golfing!! but i am excited about going away with my neice and teasing her lots – she’s only 9 months old and very very naughty and loves me and i love her!

now i’m going to try to do something – i don’t know how well i’ll do it! but i’m going to try to take pictures and perhaps show you a bit of how it was!

i know i’m the worst person at that! but i’ll try it :D

so wooo hooooo!!!!!

weekend’s herrree!!! :D


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