~no more dates!!!!~

9 Jun

no not the kind ur thinking ;p those are still allowed HAHAHAH just kidding – aaahhh i amusee myselfff :D

well since i’m not allowed to eat any more sugar! i’ve come down on dates like there’s no tomorrow!!

eating 30-40 a day! without abandon! its insaneee!! the high sugar content is terrifying in that amound! the calories!!! and also the affect on my teeth!!! GRRR

so i’ve decided! no more dates/ sugar / white flour for a whooolleee month!!!

(i went a bitttt crazy on the sugar a while back too, and my migraines were back.. i’ve been of it for less than a week now completely! so i need to stick to that!)

now i dunno if this is going going to be one of those diary type of things! but i’m realllyy getting sick of having such little willpower!

so no more dates till the 7th of july!! :D or any sugar! oorrrr! any white carbs :D

so officially DAY 1


2 Responses to “~no more dates!!!!~”

  1. New Dofollow Q8y Blog June 9, 2011 at 12:06 pm #

    You’d miss looots of healthy benefits…. but I agree 30-40 is aloot.
    5-7 would be ok though….

    By the way, our prophet Mohammed PBUH used to eat Witir (3,5,7,9..) … just a piece of info I liked to share


    • cheeky knickers June 11, 2011 at 5:06 pm #

      thanks for the info :)
      i have OCD – i only eat even number of things.. its an issue i have! and prolly should deal with..
      but oh well ;p


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