~my obsessive compulsive disorders~

11 Jun

well there’s more than one i promise u!!!

1) i have to eat everything in even numbers.. unless i eat one of something – one m&m is okay – but if i eat two – then it must continue upwards in even numbers. this does not apply to crisps or chips ;p

2) crumbs – anywhere i see crumbs i have to clean! even if there’s just one teeny tiny crumb on the floor.. i need to sweep the whole surrounding area! if my neice eats a biscuit! everything around her is cleaned while she’s eating to minimise crumbs

3) sticky anything – if something gets sticky it must be cleaned instantly. my hands – the table – my niece’s face! so u can imagine how bothered i must be getting everytime she eats (she’s only 9 months ;p) so yes! there we have it..

those are the 3 that come to mind now now!

do any of u have OCDs?? ;p



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