Review: Taco Bell

11 Jun

This is a late post I have wanted to post awhile back but thanks to the lovely weather that got me sick in bed I couldn’t :(

A couple of days ago Dudette from 7ajdude asked me to join her to try out the new branch of Taco Bell that opened in Shaab Park. Honestly I wanted to try Taco Bell since they opened in Kuwait but sadly never got the chance :( and since then, I have been hearing different kind of opinions on the quality of the food, so this was a great chance for me to know which was right and wrong.

We were welcomed by the sweet Bibi Al Qatami and Tarek Saeb and were seated. They introduced us to their new volcano menu which kinda got me worried abit as I didn’t know how spicy it would be, but was willing to give it a try anyway.

I only tried Mexican food once in Kuwait and it was a huge fail, the rest was in the States, so I was really hoping that I won’t get disappointed. I always wondered how come we don’t have so many varieties of Mexican food restaurants in Kuwait.

Their new menu had volcano taco, volcano burrito and volcano nachos, so we added quesadilla with it too just to make sure we tried almost everything :P

So starting with the volcano taco, gotta say, I was surprised of how good it was!! I thought it’s gonna be too crunchy and everything will start falling from inside, but it didn’t! It was small, reasonably crunchy, and tasty!! I would like order 2 with a pepsi and it would be a good meal!

Next thing was the volcano nachos. I am a big fan of nachos but this wasn’t my type of nachos. It was spicier that the taco, had beans and I thought it needed extra cheese or sauce.

I honestly didn’t try the burrito, why? Cuz Duddette ate it all! naah just kidding :P It was cuz I was too busy filling my tummy with the yummy quesadilla!! Yep it was VERY light and yummy! I would definitely order that again.

Something that caught our attention was the small sauce packs where they had 2 kinds, the mild and the fire. What I really loved is that they have atleast 20 different cute notes on each one. Here are the ones that I liked the best:

After me and Duddette were done with the spicy food and filling our tummies with it. We were offered dessert!!!! Did anyone say dessert? We always have room for dessert :D

We were offered 2 kinds of dessert, the first was the Cinnamon Twists, which was crunchy and very light, as Tarek said, you can eat 5 bags of it and want more :P but I felt that it was missing some kind of white sauce, so we suggested that and they were very open to the idea and the guy in charge said it can be some kind of frosting, so who knows, maybe they would offer that soon :) It was explained to us also that these crunchy twists are actually pasta put in the oven on a 195 degrees and that’s why it gets bigger then sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

The second dessert was the Caramel Apple Empanada! So am gonna say this once but I hope Tarek won’t read this, its SOOOOOOOO much like an apple pie! BUT…much much better with the caramel inside and the crunchy layers, it definitely a must after a yummy meal to make sure you filled your tummy the right way.

To put the food aside, the staff were very friendly, the location of their new branch is perfect for me, and did I mention that for the first time in Kuwait Taco Bell has digital menus, so cute actually and with their colorful colors makes it perfect. Check out this video that I stole from 7ajudude…thanks guys :P

Overall, my experience was more than I expected! I honestly loved the food, I liked how light and delicious it is, I’ll definitely be passing by more often and try more items on their menu.


2 Responses to “Review: Taco Bell”

  1. Dudette June 13, 2011 at 5:40 pm #

    SERIOUSLY ATE ALL THE BURiTTO?:P I had a bite god dammit , diet maniac :P

    ahhaha love the post and get well soon mooodiness ;)


  2. cheeky knickers June 12, 2011 at 9:24 am #

    I LOVEEEEEE quesadilllasss!!! :D


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