~one of those days: horrible 5 year old!!!!!~

13 Jun

today my day got from hectic to horrid!!! i’m serious! i have never spent 4 more horrible hours than the ones spent today!

i love kids! i really do.. i’m quite patient and have a really good way of using reverse psychology on them to make them better behaved! unfortunately kids love me! which isn’t a bad thing unless u encounter the child i did today!!!

a little 5 year old witch!

she is unfortunately a cousin of mine!

she is 5 years old and wreaked havoc in my house and on my state of mind.

i have been left with a
broken make up
wet bathroom
messed up bed
bad mood!!

she pushed her mum around, yells at her and is just horrid.. she was rude to me but i ignored her and i think she realises she can’t get away with things with me.. she treats everyone around like they are there to do things for her! and she is 5 years old!!

she makes her mum pick things up that she drops! and she drops them over and over just to bother her mum

has anyone else encountered children like this before?


2 Responses to “~one of those days: horrible 5 year old!!!!!~”

  1. Saifullah June 14, 2011 at 12:25 am #

    LOL i guess she is spending too much time with the house maid :P


    • cheeky knickers June 15, 2011 at 7:12 pm #

      funny thing is she doesn’t ;p
      at alllll


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