Ways On How To Be Happy: Relationships

20 Jun

There are so many ways to define happiness depends on how you see life and what really makes you happy or sad. To me, i can be very acceptable to facts and life around me, i don’t usually look for the ultimate happiness, but there are a few things that i feel the need to have and can’t be happy without.

I’ll be posting a couple of posts about the ways to be happy that we maybe take for granted in life. Just some simple ideas and probably we all know about, but don’t know the effect of having/doing them on our happiness. Let’s start with Relationships and how you can improve them to make yourself and the people around you happy

1. Stay close to your family: I know it’s very hard to do so these days when you are busy with work and hanging out with friends and sleeping!! But spending an hour a day with your family can make a huge difference, you will find yourself sharing information that you didn’t think you would, interacting and having a laugh. Don’t be too focused on yourself, your family needs that too, they probably think that they are not good enough and not a priority anymore.

2. Stay close to your friends: It’s always good to have friends around you when you need them, what’s even better is to have some BEST friends around you. Talking to your friends about your sadness and happiness would make a huge difference, there’s nothing like sharing.

3. Raise a pet: If you are not married yet with no kids, then you will appreciate the motherly feeling you will get when you have a pet. It will make you responsible, caring and share a different kind of feeling. If you think that you will be careless then don’t get one, there’s no point of wasting a life for your entertainment.

4. Hugging & Kissing: Some people are very uncomfortable with hugging and kissing other people and i really don’t know why (as long as it’s innocent). I come from a family where we don’t show a lot of affection to others (we were just raised like that) so maybe that’s why i appreciate a hug from a close friend or any kind of affection. Now am not saying go hug and kiss everyone you know…that’s just too weird, am just saying give it a try :P

5. Apologize: People think differently and that might cause misunderstanding, and being a hard ass could lead to a bigger fight. Learn to apologize even if you weren’t wrong (not all the time ofcourse) it will make your life easier

6. Say thank you: Whatever the reason or the person is, saying thank you won’t cost you a thing, instead, and it will give you and the other person a feeling of satisfaction.

7. Cuddling up: NOT WITH EVERYONE! My best friend told me about a habit they do at home that i liked, she told me that her sisters and mother used to lay down on a big bed in the afternoon and just chitchat and have a laugh, someone might fall asleep, the other would be telling a story, it doesn’t matter, the main reason is that it brought them closer and became a habit. I remember we used to get that with my aunts and cousins whenever we are sleeping over cuz we spend hours talking and laughing! Believe me it leaves a lot of good memories.

8. Text: When an old friend crosses your mind, text and tell them! If you feel like you are missing someone, text and tell them. If you feel upset about something someone close did, text and tell them. No one hates receiving a text from someone they care about telling them that they have been missed.

9. Learn to let go: Life is short, if you will spend it fighting and worrying and holding grudges, then you are a loser.

10. Appreciate everyone, whether it’s your boss or maid, don’t take anyone for granted, you don’t know when you might lose them.


3 Responses to “Ways On How To Be Happy: Relationships”

  1. cheeky knickers June 20, 2011 at 8:49 pm #

    i liked the cuddle bit ;p
    till u told me i coudn’t cuddle everyone! ;p


    • Moody Pants June 20, 2011 at 11:39 pm #

      i didnt think you are the cuddly type :P


      • cheeky knickers June 21, 2011 at 12:31 pm #

        hahah really!
        why is that? ;p


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