One Of Those Days: Napping

25 Jun

Since I joined the work force and my life cycle changes, I made a rule that there won’t be any daily naps unless occasionally. Why? Well because If I wana nap every day after work, it means that my days is almost over and I won’t be doing anything productive in my weekdays, which is definitely something I don’t want.

For the past 4 years I have been sticking to this plan, I have been napping on Thursday or mostly weekends, depends on my day plan and if I have time to do so, but that’s it, no naps during weekdays! I gotta admit, napping can be really healthy, depends on your body ofcourse, some people wakeup fresh, some wakeup feeling cranky, so I think it depends on your own system.

The problem that I have been facing lately is that whenever I feel like napping (weekends) something has to screw it up! And by that I mean whoever is in the house!

1. Its either my parents suddenly decided to call my name a couple of times, and because am a light sleeper I do hear them, but I choose to ignore it, so they decide to get into my room and ask the weirdest question “Are you sleeping?” while the room is dark and my lying under the cover! Hmmmm what do you think am doing?

2. Or its either one of my brothers is talking on the phone and walking around the house while enjoying his conversation with his friend! I wish it was only a conversation; it includes jokes, laughs and malaqa!

3. Or your phone rings, and it’s one of your friends but you’re really into your nap so you decide to ignore it, the next min your friend is calling the house phone ( a stalker?) and instead of your parents telling him/her that your sleeping, they decide to do number 1 again.

I really don’t know what am I suppose to do, I can’t just go and tell every member of the house that am gonna nap every time I feel like it!! Sometimes it just hit me and I decide to nap without any notice!

Napping should be healthy, not a way to get more headaches and to get cranky….am moody now :(


2 Responses to “One Of Those Days: Napping”

  1. Summerlove June 26, 2011 at 1:52 am #

    loool.. that’s so true.. especially the first one..
    it used to happen with me in class too.. i would be resting my head on the disk and closing my eyes.. one of my idiot friends would start calling my name, when i finally get up they would go like that naymeh ?


    • Moody June 26, 2011 at 11:17 am #

      i bet you were having a big red spot on your forehead after that! ashkara sleeping :P


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