how does a week fly by?

29 Jun

for a long time now i have been sitting around doing very little with my life – yes i had my fashion and my projects.. but nothing as intensive as i like!

well i don’t know where my life has gone! this week has been the quickest week to fly by!

I work from 9am to 6:30 – and don’t get time for more than 10 minute lunch break (mainly because i prefer to get home on time as opposed to having an hour’s lunch break)

but it is hectic!!

i have had sooo much work and have been constantly on the move and working and just busy busy busy busy busy!

i don’t get time to thing!!!

but yesterday – even tho i felt really really ill! i pushed through the work! and i’m a lot lot lighter with my work this morning!

I haven’t been posting because my computer charger has gone kaput! and makes some part of the house’s electricity stop working! but i will post from home with the use of my IPAD that MOODY so lovingly sexified for me! :D



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