one of those days: bad friend

29 Jun


i have a friend here!! who’s become really really horrible!

she’s actually really sweet and nice..

but twice in one week – she has made plans with me.. and not even cancelled. when i msg to tell her i left work and am 15 minutes away she tells me she’s caught up with work and can’t make it!

now i’m not the right person to talk because i have a habit of changing plans around etc! but i have more respect for people’s time to let them know at the very least a few hours before so they can make alternative plans! not expect them to msg me a little while before we’re meant to meet!

i told her the night before if she was gonna cancel on me to let me know then! i just think its completely out of order! and i’m done making plans with her! or just brush it off being all yea yea we’ll see!

it really bothers me when people have no respect for other people’s time!


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