my laptop sold his soul

12 Jul

i used to love my laptop – it was one of those snazzy workers tht did exactly what you ask while  looking all sexayyyyy!!!

a couple of days ago i had some work to do for work so i pick up my laptop! and he wriggled out my fingers and attacked my little toe – i thought it was broken initially!! (my toe not the evil laptop that sought to do me bodily harm)!

since that moment my laptop has become the meanest, horriblest, slowest and least helpful being arnd! just cuz he fell on his head! he didn’t have to wriggle!

well it was hell even trying to open one programme or type one sentence – he still stops half way through a sentece.. but now that i complain abt him he’s being a teeny bit better!

shall i drop him on his head again??

i hate all this stuuuff!!!


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