early mornings

13 Jul

i used to love early mornings – especially because it meant f i started at 8 am i could finish by 4 pm and then so much of the day would still exist for me to do other fun stuff…

since i started at this place in dubai – i start at 9 am and finish at 6:30 – by the time i get home it is atleast 7:15…

i stay up till 11:30 – 12..  just chilling with mama or my neice, on the days i go out i have more energy – but after work all i want to do is crawl into my pjs.

i’ve been wanting to find some time to exercise – and i just don’t know when (i also feel obligated to spend time with the family. i am just so tired.

in the mornings i hate getting up – even if i sleep by midnight i have trouble getting up at 8 am..

i don’t know how to get my life back!

anyone – helppppp!!

i’m so tired right now ;p

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