Event: That Al Salasil Storytelling Week

17 Jul

Since the successful storytelling event that took place on the 25th of June a lot of people asked for a second one as some of them were busy or just didn’t hear much about it until it was over.

That Al Salasil is very happy to announce the second Storytelling event coming this week, but it’s not only one day! It’s going to be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, in both English and Arabic!

The event will take place at Kuwait Culture Fair (Al Majlis Al Watani) in front of That Al Salasil, Avenues, Phase II

Here is the schedule:

– Tuesday, 19th of July, Arabic story: 6pm – for the age of 4 to 6 & 7pm – for the age of 7 to 9.

– Wednesday, 20th of July, English story: 6pm – for the age of 4 to 6 & 7pm – for the age of 7 to 9.

– Friday, 21st of July, both English and Arabic stories:  4pm – for the age 4 to 6.

Snacks, activities and games will be happening for kids to enjoy, winners will take something home too :)

I guess this time more people will be attending as the age limit is more flexible and more timings for everyone to set on their schedule.

Oh btw, did you notice the picture on the ad? Those are the same kids that were doing the photoshoot, check out the previous post about it here.


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