Amy Winehouse rest in peace

24 Jul

Amy Winehouse passed away at the age of 27!! its sooo sad how troubled some famous artists are.. and it leads to so much hardship and unfortunately – the early demise of highly talented individuals

this is first of my favourite songs by her:

this is what the telegraph had to say:

Amy Winehouse, who has died aged 27, was one of the most talented singer-songwriters of her generation, but struggled with substance abuse problems.

Amy Winehouse, who has died aged 27, ticked all the right boxes for a self-destructive wild child of pop, having bags of “attitude”, a drink and drugs problem and a no-good man; yet underneath the ratty beehive hair-do, oversized plastic earrings, kohl-encrusted eyes and tattoo-covered arms, she was also an addictive and engaging performer with a natural deep voice who sang with a jazzy, passionate energy.

Amy Winehouse’s music — Sixties pop-soul in 21st-century street slang — was always less interesting than her chaotic off-stage life. Her name seldom featured in the press unless prefixed by the word “troubled” and accompanied by an account of her battles with drink and drugs and her dependent-abusive relationship with her husband, a petty drug dealer and junkie called Blake Fielder-Civil. Cancelled gigs, brushes with the law and spells in rehab gave the press plenty to write about; commentators saw parallels between Amy Winehouse’s charge towards self-destruction with Blake Fielder-Civil and their punk rock counterparts Nancy Spungeon and Sid Vicious.

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2 Responses to “Amy Winehouse rest in peace”

  1. Warag 3anab! July 25, 2011 at 1:03 am #

    may she RIP.


    • Cheeky July 25, 2011 at 8:06 am #



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