Wataniya’s Exclusive!!

17 Aug

The first big news is that with Wataniya you can reserve your new Blackberry Bold 9900 before it gets released in the market. Be the first to get it, as for me, well I couldn’t wait so i got the older version but that’s ok :P all you have to do is call 66996666 and reserve it, if not you can visit any of these branches: Avenues, Marina Mall, 360, AlKout or the head office in Kuwait City.

The second news is that Wataniya also has HTC ChaCha exclusive in their branches. This phone is made specially for all of you social networking freaks, with a multi-touch screen, easy keyboard and one button away from Facebook, you will be texting your heart out!

The third and final big news is that Wataniya’s account on Twitter is the first account in Kuwait to get verified on Twitter :) so congratulations Wataniya!!


One Response to “Wataniya’s Exclusive!!”

  1. omarker August 17, 2011 at 11:35 pm #

    ybeeeela ??


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