Movie Premiere: Paranormal Activity – Tokyo Night

21 Aug

As you all should know, am a horror/thriller movie freak! I love watching these movies even if it was silly or stupid. Not long time ago I have posted about Paranormal Activity 3 coming out soon and how excited I am to watch it. I have seen the first 2 and it seems like it gets better every time.

Two days ago I found out that Cinescape is hosting a premier night for Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night and I got so excited. Buzfairy was sweet enough to pass the invitation as she doesn’t like to watch horror :P Anyway Cinescape people were very kind to email us and welcome us as obviously they didn’t know we existed :P and I saw that happening with other bloggers, but hey..theres always a first time ;)

Anyway back to the movie, I loved the idea of a premier night and how exclusive it was, lots of bloggers were there, sadly didn’t have enough time to catchup with anyone as I had to rush out after the movie was done.


Okay if you’re not a horror movie lover you probably wont like it, why? because simply you probably would freak out or just think its stupid. For me, I was enjoying it a lot, i loved the idea that it was japanese movie and there was only a translation for it, made it more realistic. The movie had its boring scenes but that’s like in all Paranormal Activity movies (they tend to repeat a lot of the scenes) but what was cool about this is that they were showing 2 camera’s in most of the scenes, so you don’t know where the hell to look and it obviously raise the level of suspense in the audience.

There were a bunch of guys (I need to know which of you bloggers) were in the same row i was sitting at, they were laughing and trying to hold it as much as possible, which made me laugh even more, these movies makes me laugh even if it was scary, that’s why I love them. So whoever you were..thank you lol.

Here is the trailer for all of you interested in watching it, its gonna be out in Eid:


And here’s the best scene :D

Thank you Cinescape for the wonderful evening, it was such a great idea and I hope we get to enjoy it again :) To know more about the latest updates and movies, join Cinescape page on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.


4 Responses to “Movie Premiere: Paranormal Activity – Tokyo Night”

  1. Dudette August 27, 2011 at 3:56 pm #

    Next time I need to sit next to you so I can take the creepness away and ulll start laughing instead :P


  2. Black Rabbit August 23, 2011 at 5:38 pm #

    URGGG!! I was not scared at all until i watched ‘THE BEST SCENE’!!!!
    I’ll share that clip in my fb. BWAHAHAHAHA!!



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