No More Internet Limitation :D

24 Aug

Yesterday it was officially decided and announced that all the ISP companies in Kuwait should drop the internet limitation law and also lower the prices by almost 40%. Hearing this news made me so relieved and happy because my life was miserable before!!

The thing is, am not a downloading freak or use the internet excessively, but I like to have a good connection when I need it! that’s all I was asking for. I never had a problem before until they have decided on this internet limitation thingy, suddenly the connection was slower for no reason, and we also had to pay the double as the prices went high!!

So Slow connection + high prices = Pure bullshit!

That just didn’t make any sense!!!

But lets not go there again, now we are back on the right track, I even called Qualitynet yesterday to make sure myself, they assured me that what I have heard was true. I asked them about my subscription that I did only a week ago, they also were very helpful in making sure that depends on my choice it’s either I get an upgrade on my speed or make my subscription longer. Lets just hope they stick to their promise.

Anyway I just wanted to congratulate you all! thanks to everyone who fought this battle and made it possible, thank you MOC for the new rules.

And let the downloading begins :D


2 Responses to “No More Internet Limitation :D”

  1. fajerioz August 24, 2011 at 2:21 pm #

    Now that’s a thing to be happy about, cuz I am a download freak ;p


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