Holiday: Cant Live With..Cant Live Without

3 Sep

The holiday is over and everyone is preparing themselves to get back to work tomorrow. For me I definitely needed this holiday, but I don’t think I have made enough use of it. Instead, I was oversleeping, I was being lazy sometimes, wanting to do many stuff but ending up doing absolutely nothing important.

I was saying that holidays are hard to live with and hard to live without, because if everyday is a holiday for you, then you will  never appreciate a day off or a long weekend, and you will end up being useless and not productive at all. On the other hand, a person like me and a lot of you who has a job and a daily routine, can’t live without a holiday every now and then, we need a break to let everything out.

But what am starting to think is, the problem isn’t with me or the long holiday itself, am starting to think it has to do with the job or type of work am doing. Meaning, if i was doing something fun and interesting, I wouldn’t really wait eagerly for the holiday, because am already doing something interesting! But if am considering the job that am doin is boring, tiring and with no future, so of course ill be looking forward for any chance to get out of this shit hole.

In conclusion, this post had no potential and lifting your spirits up or making your life more interesting, it’s basically me talking to myself and reminding myself that this isn’t what I deserve and that ill get what I want if I keep fighting for it.

on a side note, anyone interested in hiring me?  Just asking!


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