One of Those Days: Sleepless

5 Sep

Its been almost a week since Ramadan is over and I still have messed up routine when it comes to sleeping. I took a week off on the last week of Ramadan and i was sleeping well I would say, true maybe I used to sleep more than am supposed to (9 to 10 hours) but I didn’t have a problem sleeping in the first place.

Now its my second day of work and I have slept around 7 hours in total. Yesterday I have forced myself to not sleep through the day (which was so tempting) just to be able to sleep at night which also didn’t help. I spent 4 hours in bed just trying to sleep and its so freaking annoying.

Whats bugging me mostly about this is that my mind is fully awake and functioning like crazy late at night. I hear my voice inside my head (no am not crazy) saying stuff and remembering things. Not to mention the annoying songs that comes to my mind that I keep repeating over and over again!!! What am I suppose to do to fix this??

I tried getting up and doing other stuff, I tried listening to something else just to rest my head, I tried switching to the other side of the bed, it’s almost everything in vain.

Am just tired and sleepy and need to have a good night sleep :(

Who to blame? I say the messed up routine of Ramadan! god knows how long this will take me to fix and get back to the old me. Anyone here facing the same problem? and if you do, how do you usually deal with it?



One Response to “One of Those Days: Sleepless”

  1. Cheeky September 5, 2011 at 3:45 pm #

    go to the gym at 4pm – or work out around then!
    you will feel tired earlier at night and ur likely to sleep better even if you’re not.
    make sure there is no light in your room
    even switch ur bb off if u can..
    it will help!
    if all else fails – an hour before bed! have some chamomile tea! will relax ur mind!
    try to eat very little sugar at night!
    if you need more tips gimme a call ;p


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