getting fit

11 Sep

i’ve been trying so hard to get off all my stupid diets and stupid experimentings and start eating healthy etc..

well eating healthy is going okay – there are days when i eat a little too much and a little too fast – but my biggest problem is munching on dates (which too has gotten less from before) and just having very little time to exercise.

I’m trying to do minimum 20-25 mins on the cross trainer 5 times a week if nothing else.. and except for the 6 days i missed last week i’ve been doing well for abt 2/3 weeks before that!

i just need to get back into the routine! and just need to figure out how to kick it up so i actually start seeing results!

i’m thinking of getting a personal trainer! let’s see how that goes ;p if I actually do get one! so i can be motivated to work out before work! ;p

anyone got any other ideas? ;p


One Response to “getting fit”

  1. Brittany September 11, 2011 at 4:30 pm #

    I’ve found that the key to sticking with exercise is finding something you enjoy! For example, signing up for a local sports team (like softball), taking a dance class, riding a bike, rollerblading, signing up for a race (so you have to train), etc. Exercise should be fun! :)


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