Support: MaskTale’s Creepy Story Competition

12 Sep

Our fellow blogger Imagination from MaskTales has announced his blog’s first competition. What is it about? well its kinda a weird one, but am sure a lot of you are into these things :P Here are the rules:

  • You have to write a creep story/Situation (whether it was real or from you iMaGiNaTiOn) .
  • It must not exceed 500 words (300-500 is the perfect scale).
  • Both languages are accepted ( Arabic & English ).
  • The story must be appropriate to be published.
  • We have the right to publish your story in the blog.
  • 22nd of September is the last day of submission (11:59 pm).
  • The story must be sent to this Email :

For more information, checkout their post HERE or follow them on Twitter @masktales.

Good luck with the competition guys, i suck in writing stories, so its gonna be hard for me to participate, unless i remember a good one ;)


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