A Happy Visit to Bayan Dental

21 Sep

2 weeks ago, I have decided to visit Bayan Dental to do my regular cleaning. I have been a patient of Bayan for maybe 3 years now and I always leave satisfied, except when I took  off my wisdom tooth, I bet it doesn’t matter where then, it’s a freaking wisdom tooth.

Anyway  back to the subject, so I was thinking that I have been a patient there for so long and never really posted about them, so am making this quick review for all of you who never got the chance to go to bayan yet, and if you did, share your experience with us.

My first visit was with the dentist Maher (who is no longer working there),  he was such a sweety who made it so easy for me to go to the dentist without even thinking about it. Then I shifted to dentist Eyad, who I still believe looks like the Syrian actor bassem yakhor! he is funny, fast, and straight forward. He always manages to make me laugh and even if it took me a year to visit him again he always remembers my face. So I would say the Salmiya branch is the one I like.

However, Kuwait City branch is not bad at all, I went there a couple of times for a quick checkup cuz its close to work. And for the cleaning this time I decided to go to Kuwait City. Ofcourse you all have seen their special colorful office decoration before, it’s just different and definitely stands out. Not to forget also the view the Kuwait City branch has is just beautiful.

This time, the lady who made the cleaning named Celia, she was a sweety, patient and had a couple of laughs during. I also asked her for one of those mirrors the dentist uses and she gave me one :D


I wanna take this chance and say thanks to the sweet Rama in the Marketing Department who always catchup with the blogs, interact with them in a nice way!

On a side note, checkout this great offer for kids! If only I had one :P


3 Responses to “A Happy Visit to Bayan Dental”

  1. bayan dental center September 22, 2011 at 11:40 am #

    dudette; we love u and ur blog!!!!!and thank u so much for the recommendations!:)


  2. Dudette September 21, 2011 at 3:03 pm #

    Go bayan Go !!!

    I love them … bas I don’t think they love our blog:P

    Mohammd Al Noori an Dr Mohammad Al Noori so highly recommended !



  1. Photography: Zooming In With My Canon « Moody 'N Cheeky's Blog - September 27, 2011

    […] this camera can do. The above picture was taken while I was at Bayan Dental (read earlier post HERE), This picture was already zoomed in a bit to hide some surroundings. Check out the pics below […]


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