personal trainer is trying to kill me

26 Sep

i’ve just had my third session (second upper body session) with my personal trainer this morning at 6:00am!!!

there are two problems with this! my arms feel like they don’t belong to me!

i woke up at 6 to put myself through this!!

Now most would hand me a lot of pills to show me that i’m insane! but what’s keeping me motivated is actually the pain! i’m my own biggest competitor and i can’t handle the fact that i am not as strong as i thought i was! its just driving me nuts!!!

at one point i couldn’t even move the machine! like not even half a cm!!!!!!!

so that’s what’s keeping me going!

my arms hurt last week from monday till saturday!! i promise u!!! i hope its not as bad this week

my legs only hurt that day!! and they were fine!!!

anyone else embarking on some self pain methods? please enlighten us! we are very interested!!! ;p ;p




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